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50th RCGC Urban Cross Country Series

Current Results

Race Description

The Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati along with the Norwood High School Cross Country Team brings free cross country runs to Lower Millcrest Park in Norwood Ohio. Every Thursday beginning July 20, 2017 to August 10 2017 at 7:00 PM there will be a free Cross Country Race. No entry fees. A splendid time is guaranteed to all! For info call 513-351-6300 days.

Dates and Time

Every Thursday beginning July 20, 2017 to August 10 2017 at 7:00 PM

Race Distances and Course

2 Miles. There are two waterstops on the course – one at the start and one at the finish.


Lower Millcrest Park, Hopkins Avenue, Norwod OH


Top Male and Female runners receive a finish card for their efforts and maybe recognition on the site for their efforts for that week.

Entry Fees

Free  (You can use the cost savings to pay for the gas to get there.)


For info call Stacy Osborne at 513-351-6300 days.

About the Series

Founded in 1968 by Don Wahle and Barry Binkley, the Summer Cross Country Series was a way to get the high school and college runners ready for the Fall Cross Country Season. It was held during the last 6 weeks of Summer.

In 1987, Stacy Osborne took over as race director of the series with support from the Clifton Track Club now known as the Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati.

In 2001, the series moved from its original location in French Park to the Princeton Community Middle School in Sharonville. Stacy increased the number of runs in the series and attendance rose.

In 2009 the series moved to Loveland High School with Mike Smith becoming the Head Cross Country Coach at Loveland High School.

In 2011 the Series moved to Valley View Nature Preserve by Pattison Elementary School for a more central location and to run the course used for the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Meet.

2011 was Stacy Osborne's 25th and final year as race director of the Series.

In 2013, the series moves to a new location and at Summit View Park. Stacy Osborne returns as race director in 2013 after a one year hiatus, no better paying offers and his failed attempt at making it in a Beatles Tribute Band.

In 2014, the series moved to Lower Millcrest Park in Norwood.


French Park: 3 loop, 3 1/2 mile course
Records Set(1968 - 2000)
Male: Mark Helgeson   17:46   1984
Female: Karen Rayle   21:28   1987

Princeton: 2 loop 3 mile course
Top 5 Performances (2001-2008)
1. Chris Reis 15:42 08/16/07
2. Paul Staudigel 15:43 08/12/04
3. Brian Godsey 15:46 07/12/02
4. Tony Matheus 15:57 08/12/04
5. Taylor Williams   15:58   07/20/06

1. Jamie Roflow 18:12   07/27/06
2. Brooklyne Ridder 18:25 08/16/07
3. Jamie Roflow 18:27 06/22/06
4. Amy Sanders 18:29 08/12/04
5. Christina Schneider   18:29 08/10/06

Loveland: 2 loop 3 mile course
Records Set(2009-2010)
1. Jordan Parayil   16:19
2. Corey Spriggs   16:25
3. Ricky King   16:35

1. Samantha Siler   19:27
1. Michelle Thomas   19:27
3. Samantha Siler   19:37

Milford: 2 loop 3.1 mile course
Records Set(2011-2012)
Men: JJ Weber   16:02 06/14/2012
Women:   Rachel Bea   19:09   06/16/2011

Summit View Park: 3 loop 3.5 mile course
Records Set(2013)
Men: JJ Weber   18:00 07/18/2013
Women:   Kamaria Walton   24:40   07/25/2013
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Lower Millcrest Park: 3.1 mile course
Records set(2014)
Men: Brady Holmer    16:59    07/17/2014
Women:   Taryn Surtees 19:30 08/07/2014

3 loop 3 mile course
Men: Mischa McCormick   20:56   07/23/15
Women:   Taryn Surtees 21:52 07/16/15

Lower Millcrest Park: 2 mile course
Men: ????????
Women: ???????

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